Recipe for Life – Chic Heart Parfait! (Part 1)

Pile on the Blessings!

Make these nine (9) blessings part of your life story:

Book it 1!

Get in touch with your spirit under grace from God and not let our “survivor’s guilt” come into fore. AS a survivor, we have a need to do it by ourselves. Trust that God foreknew us and therefore knows our hopes, wishes and wants, and He can change the situations of us. Do not defy your limits and defy God.

One order of indulgence,coming right up…

The inside story on ultra sheer beauty. Feel beautiful inside and out everyday with gravity defying treasure hidden in a field. A minute or two of your time of listening to God’s words, not pastors and priests farted words, it’s what you need before you can meet your next challenge – watering the seed. See, by perceiving, letting the weeds that sowed by the enemies beside your good seed grow until harvest time. Then, pull the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned. The mustard seed is the smallest seed, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree so that the birds come and perch in its branches. Nothing is impossible.  logo

Book it 2!

Eliminating animal foods from your diet is designed to create an all-day malaise, leading bondage to decay. Mass media tells us that prevention is the best medicine for dysfunctional behavior. There’s no reason to go vegetarianism to prevent all forms of degenerative illness. Frustration in our present sufferings groaning inwardly by the will of God who subjected us to it. Waiting eagerly for our adoption to sonship. While oiling the wheels of our metabolic engine with greases. “…eating protein makes you absorb sugar more slowly, so your blood sugar doesn’t soar – and then plunge – after a sugary snack.”  — Fun Fearless Female, April 2009 ———————————–

Do not mourn the spirit.
Creamy indulgence created exclusively for you…
Reap the benefits of comfort foods by “vegging up” meals. ‘ Substituting ice cream for frozen yogurt, milk for plain soy milk, rice milk and almond milk, cheese for soy cheese, etc. – from the largest animal rights organization –

People for Ethical Treatment of Animals
Hoping for the red pill to chow down. Load upon protein, chicken, fish, pork, and beef (Rich with Vitamin Bs) often just smaller. Do not think suicidal on cutting your daily calorie-burning proteins.
Book it 3!
Couldn’t live without a mirror for a day? Put this book beside your vanity mirror. Be a Down to Earth Beauty Buff with an age defying foundation that gets you revitalize and radiant. Wait for nothing and be justified by Faith, this is something to boast about – but not before God.
Large, delicious chunks of chewy exquisites…
Relax on an unlimited sun with ultra-violet (UV) rays-free, protective, nourishing beauty hang out. Ozone philosophy by bloom Berd  Բերդ p

National Geographic DVD

resents the perfect queen-tastic blemish-free skin and anti-eye bags and anti-dark circles face. Inherit the earth cleanest aesthetic. It’s all about “The Human Family Tree” not Humanities – surgery-free. The mystery of grafting from the natural branches was revealed so that you may not be conceited. All painless. All effortless. For a sun-damaged free  hair, get green! Mirror yourself on a cultivated tree.

Get your copy of the Free Recipes from this Bible Syle     

*Berd (Armenian: Բերդ; formerly, BerdagyughTavuzghalaTauzkendTovuz,VolorutShlorut and Ghalakyand) is a city in Armenia in the province of Tavush, and considered the regional center for the Shamshadin area. It is located to the left of the Tavush rivers, 211 km from Yerevan, and is surrounded by low mountains.Located near the city are the ruins of the Tavush fortress (10th century), the Nor Varagavank and Khoranashat monasteries (12th century). Other monasteries not far include Shkhmuradi, Srveghi and Kaptavank.Berd is also the center of agricultural area in Armenia. Near the city, fruit, tobacco and other cultures are grown. Other well-developed industries of Berd include winemaking,beekeeping, and granary. –

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