Recipe for Life – Chic Heart Parfait! (Part 1)

Pile on the Blessings!

Make these nine (9) blessings part of your life story:

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Get in touch with your spirit under grace from God and not let our “survivor’s guilt” come into fore. AS a survivor, we have a need to do it by ourselves. Trust that God foreknew us and therefore knows our hopes, wishes and wants, and He can change the situations of us. Do not defy your limits and defy God.

One order of indulgence,coming right up…

The inside story on ultra sheer beauty. Feel beautiful inside and out everyday with gravity defying treasure hidden in a field. A minute or two of your time of listening to God’s words, not pastors and priests farted words, it’s what you need before you can meet your next challenge – watering the seed. See, by perceiving, letting the weeds that sowed by the enemies beside your good seed grow until harvest time. Then, pull the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned. The mustard seed is the smallest seed, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree so that the birds come and perch in its branches. Nothing is impossible.  logo

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Eliminating animal foods from your diet is designed to create an all-day malaise, leading bondage to decay. Mass media tells us that prevention is the best medicine for dysfunctional behavior. There’s no reason to go vegetarianism to prevent all forms of degenerative illness. Frustration in our present sufferings groaning inwardly by the will of God who subjected us to it. Waiting eagerly for our adoption to sonship. While oiling the wheels of our metabolic engine with greases. “…eating protein makes you absorb sugar more slowly, so your blood sugar doesn’t soar – and then plunge – after a sugary snack.”  — Fun Fearless Female, April 2009 ———————————–

Do not mourn the spirit.
Creamy indulgence created exclusively for you…
Reap the benefits of comfort foods by “vegging up” meals. ‘ Substituting ice cream for frozen yogurt, milk for plain soy milk, rice milk and almond milk, cheese for soy cheese, etc. – from the largest animal rights organization –

People for Ethical Treatment of Animals
Hoping for the red pill to chow down. Load upon protein, chicken, fish, pork, and beef (Rich with Vitamin Bs) often just smaller. Do not think suicidal on cutting your daily calorie-burning proteins.
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Couldn’t live without a mirror for a day? Put this book beside your vanity mirror. Be a Down to Earth Beauty Buff with an age defying foundation that gets you revitalize and radiant. Wait for nothing and be justified by Faith, this is something to boast about – but not before God.
Large, delicious chunks of chewy exquisites…
Relax on an unlimited sun with ultra-violet (UV) rays-free, protective, nourishing beauty hang out. Ozone philosophy by bloom Berd  Բերդ p

National Geographic DVD

resents the perfect queen-tastic blemish-free skin and anti-eye bags and anti-dark circles face. Inherit the earth cleanest aesthetic. It’s all about “The Human Family Tree” not Humanities – surgery-free. The mystery of grafting from the natural branches was revealed so that you may not be conceited. All painless. All effortless. For a sun-damaged free  hair, get green! Mirror yourself on a cultivated tree.

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*Berd (Armenian: Բերդ; formerly, BerdagyughTavuzghalaTauzkendTovuz,VolorutShlorut and Ghalakyand) is a city in Armenia in the province of Tavush, and considered the regional center for the Shamshadin area. It is located to the left of the Tavush rivers, 211 km from Yerevan, and is surrounded by low mountains.Located near the city are the ruins of the Tavush fortress (10th century), the Nor Varagavank and Khoranashat monasteries (12th century). Other monasteries not far include Shkhmuradi, Srveghi and Kaptavank.Berd is also the center of agricultural area in Armenia. Near the city, fruit, tobacco and other cultures are grown. Other well-developed industries of Berd include winemaking,beekeeping, and granary. –

Recipe for Life – Chic Heart Parfait! (Part 2)

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Atkins, South Beach, and other low carb plans are all bed of pain. Your body thinks your starving and doesn’t give you the liberty to eat anything you want. Do not distress yourself of what you eat and do not by your eating destroy yourself, you “in Christ”. 100% Fab   focus on the work of God, the body, just eat. Fats do suit you. In your food. Not in your cellulose. So, do not keep these things between you and God.

Mix them all together and viola…

Practice strategic Actifiber by planting God’s garden of Eden. Edify God by eating seven small meals a day (breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks, dinner, supper and midnight snacks) with a grain of fruits and vegetables. Whoever eat must does so for the the Lord, garden the seeds that was the produce of what you are eating as you a lot a tenth of your proceeds to the Lord.

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Feeling bad after a roll in the hay? Show mercy. Endometriosis, a condition in which the tissue lining the uterus grows elsewhere may culprit – Philippines Women Health May 2009.  Merciful you by regularly banging boots. This may keep his unit from crashing. Compared with men who did it less often where twice as likely to develop erectile dysfunction, which can occur when blood doesn’t flow properly to the penis.

A pleasure dream come true…

Blow his mind and snag his boxer. Be merciful but not sacrificial by only doing it for posterity. Merciful… be frisky but don’t get him/her too randy. Do get your partner so psyched but do not keep him/her hovering. Do get to an erotic extreme but not bone breaking.

Got Milk?

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Technologies of iPod, iPad, iPhone, laptop, etc… gets a person’s survival trouble of love in life. Geek into ‘in Christ’ Dementia. We are ‘in God’. Measure your love by God’s legacy: outpouring of His love into our lives through the Holy Spirit. Follow Christ romantic lead for a health and happy relationship out of technological trash of devolution. talking with a ‘bot on the net is not being nerdy but needy. Alarmed over sincerity in love and warpathed on dang-here-we-go again evil: GET ADDICTED TO WHAT IS GOOD. Yes, you CAN! Let just say, bring out the deep… really deep force majeure love of Christ. As  Robert Burns said, “O, my luve’s like the melodie,  That’s sweetly play’d in tune. ” “Change my heart, Oh God, make it ever true, Change my heart, Oh God, may I be like You,  You are the Potter, I am the clay, Mold me and make me, this is what I pray.” Tune in!

Deep clean chic….

Be good to yourself by going organic. recreate your beauty, God’s way. Look flawless and fresh with the intense doses of God’s deep cleansing love. Detoxify and freshen your love by being Christ-like. Keep yourself calm and comfy by hating sin and obeying the Father. Just as God hates sin, Christ hates sin. Christ provide a Sin Protection Factor SPF that while we were yet sinner , He died for us. There’s a nip in the air. So, Christ provide a soothing touch therapy with just a few soft strokes for us to be reconciled with God. Saving your skin! Keep the refreshing scent of perfect love of Christ as you lather up with truthfulness. Seep into organic products that is without pesticides of being real people without cosmetics — an Unidentified Fellow Occurring or U.F.O. Contour your brows. Prime your lids. Curl your lashes. And trace one last layer of liner. To get that sultry eyes. Like acquiring a vibrating wand to bring a refreshing feeling to your peepers. Have time to spare? Take a minute for an easy fool-proof way to see God better. Try to enhance your sincerity in talking with God with your neutral tone lips. Do not gloss over your prayer. Strong, bold lips that sing your faith to God. Glow without that oily shimmer by just swiping of your foundation of Christlikeness and dot moisture-cover concealer of repentance to your trespass zone or T-zone.

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Recipe for Life – Chic Heart Parfait! (Part 3)

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Quit the fast pace killing with smokes and make peace with the environment and the ecology that lives in it. If we could turn back time, our ancestors should have eaten the fruit from the tree of eternal life instead of good and evil and have peace with Godforever. These trees were planted together at the center of the Garden of Eden. Peace was disrupted by obeying the wrong one, Satan, and our ancestors were driven out from the Garden of Eden and were separated from the tree of eternal life. Plant trees and bring back the Garden of Eden. Make peace to the planet earth and stop asphyxiating. Then, wipe the floor for us with your corpse. Cut cost  to the road trip. Walk on a tree-lined world. Zut!

Be Flashy Not Trashy!

How to really flaunt your legs. the children of God, we go to where the sun shines.  It is not hitting the beach with liters of sunblock. Pull off a strut naturally the secret to a sexy you. Tone up where you can plant. Hit the street! Not the gym. Eat hedonistically! It’s what the children of God were made for since Genesis and exercise flab not by weight loss nor any fitness program, but by planting splashes of hues and textures.

Locker Room Confessions of Leg Men:

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It seems like there’s no limit to what today’s breed of paper pushers’ chilling on the company clock. Earning paycheck to paycheck without lifting even a pinkie.

Bart, 36, a director I**, **D* (a government agency), is by all means what we’ve come to call the typical workplace timesuckers. He ignore the day-to-day to-do list and instead sit non-pulsed at his laptop or stretch his legs by heading to the conference table and kick butts after “high cigarette carbon asphyxiating” butts. Pause on to the and to the environment.

Over the hill and thinking with the wrong the head…

Shift to Pour the Kool Aid will be smart! A nice recycled brown paper of rough material like the thick brown paper of old that was used when we bought pan-de-sal is a good option. So, switch up your packaging on a recyclable packaging more than cash-strapped consumers can scarf down.

Next, zero in on our future. Create a crib sheet of nil waste. Use paper materials instead of plastics or styrofoam.  Use stainless or porcelain instead of papers. Plates, cups, bowls, spoons and forks can easily be made out of recyclable materials. Don’t fake it like mock meats. Bring your inner veggie green by sexing green without the array of waste at the supermarket and zero-tolerance on high intensity burst of chemical recycling. Reduce with indoor function. Reuse it for scratch.

Lastly, paper companies should whip out a truthful and non-hypocritical trucks to shape up the environment by hydrating the air, tis by lowering the pump of smokes from the factories.

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Smart, sexy skills with a perfect timing. Dine exotically. Get to be an eat-what-you-want chick and food booster guy,  because of flab-building tissues and slow-as a-sloth tortoise metabolism. And that you’re a junky and an airhead, you’re a butthead, you’re a nohead…yackity, yackity, yack… These are Satan’s Quick Mix. Sometimes, more few words, minced and dressed-up to mock your flab-building tissues. This flab-building tissues is your foundation, Jesus. Pump iron, another faith booster (and thus mockers burner, is resilience training). Working with God’s words is weightier. Push yourself as hard as you can to pray continuously, then slow to a more comfortable pace. Trade off higher-with-lower intensity exercise at this interval training four times per 24-hour day. Dine with a teaspoon of mustard seed of faith on your tortillas (i.e. your life) and a teaspoon of red-hot chili pepper sauce, get fired-up on your prayer. for your curry (i.e. deeds) on your breakfast. Surge your slow-as-a-sloth tortoise metabolism, relationship with God. Keep hydrated all the days of your life by drinking eight or more glasses of clear and pure goodness and love of God by making Him the Shepherd of all your body, mind and soul.

Get in Shape for the Big Event….

Play it smart against killer cancers, the wrath of God. Don’t fire up the grill! Give up backyard BBQs, smoked salmons, bonfired marshmallows, and the like to live to eat. Do it for posterity! Trump the sexual slump by accumulating free radicals in our system. Do away with Jezebel’s prostitution, i.e. sorcery, and sweep away all forms of divination and falseness in your body. Have phytochemicals and antioxidants food to reduce cancer risk. Phytochemicals is the fortification to the body’d fortress, i.e. absolute faith in Christ. We may not know what tomorrow holds, but we know that Christ held us in His hands safely. Antioxidants are the clean air, i.e. the Spirit, that we breath, i.e. every word that comes from the mouth of God. Don’t get a chokeful of smokes, temptations of your Spirit by the devil, but get a chockfull of fruits from fruit-bearing trees and oils that contain phenols, grace.

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