Scripture Starter Kit: MATTHEW

Jesus: Man on Fire

John the Baptist

A Call for Repentance

John the Baptist goes into the wilderness of Judea exuding a mythical presence with clothes made of camel’s hair and a stunning, dramatic leather belt around his belt. Looks ravishing with food of locusts and wild honey!


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Scripture Starter Kit: MATTHEW

Jesus: Man on Fire

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┬áCheck out the neighborhood for the proud David’s heritage drama preserved in history books. Abraham’s legacy of Stylistas, progressively unfolding like turning pages. Come and witness the next chapter as we turn the page to the alluring addition: Jesus, the Messiah.

In Brief: About Jesus according to Matthew

Matthew’s account of Jesus Birth in a synopsis.

Yogi and Pilates were not in the vicinity. So Herod came and ordered all the boys in Bethlehem who were two (2) years old and under to be killed. The horrors! Archelaus reigned after his father, Herod. Kicking sand out of Egypt, Judea out of the question and diggin’ Nazareth.

– Matthew 1-2 –